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FreePaani is paid for by ads that are printed directly onto Plastic, aluminium bottles and paper cartons. 5 Rupees per beverage is donated to charity to fight Pakistan’s water crisis.

We are working around the clock to launch our free 12 pack program. Just pay for the shipping and the water is free and each water donates to charity too.

Please help us to spread the word by sharing our project on social media and with your friends and family.

It depends on several factors:

1) Plastic bottles, aluminium bottles or paper cartons?

2) The number of units?

3) Are we distributing the water or are you distributing the water?

4) The location of distribution?

5) Do you have a graphic designer on staff or do you need us to design it for you?

6) Are you splitting the ad space with someone else?

  • Plastic bottles have a MOQ of a pallet which has 1,200 units.
  • Aluminum bottles have a MOQ of a pallet which has 600 units.
  • Paper cartons have a MOQ of 11,000 units.

    You can split the label’s real estate of Paper Cartons of the bottles with a total of eight brands.
    For Plastic bottles and aluminium bottles the label’s real estate can be split over three brands.

Lead time for aluminium and plastic is 3 weeks. 

Paper Cartons have a lead time of 2 months.

FreePaani is the best brand loyalty platform on Earth and there are unique opportunities to incorporate this new and exciting medium into most ad budgets.

To advertise with FreePaani, please visit

We are currently contributing our donations to Customs Health Care Society.